New BELOVED Study ~ Starts February 23rd !
Description from the study: Elijah emerged as the voice of unapologetic truth during a time of national crisis and moral decline. His ministry was marked by tenacious faith and holy fire – the same kind you will need in order to remain steadfast in current culture…… Join Priscilla Shirer for a fresh look at Elijah and the difficult choices of obedience that kept him anchored, sharpened his faith, broadened his impact, and invited heaven’s fire to fall…..
Study Materials: Because Elijah is being offered as an online study through Going Beyond Ministries, there are 2 purchase options: Study guide only or study guide and videos (personal use).
You will need to purchase a study guide before Feb. 23rd. Personal video purchase is optional. We will view all teaching videos during Beloved group meeting time. However, they will not be available to be shared to the group via emails as we have done with previous studies.
Below are links to make your purchase online at Lifeway or Amazon:
1) Study Guide Only from Lifeway or Amazon
2) Study Guide and Video Package from Lifeway
Study Begins: Tuesday February 23rd at 6:00 PM on Zoom
Contact Kim Shaw with any questions.