Blessings In A Backpack

Blessings In A Backpack 

This school year the children from our Savior have adopted twenty families from Tusculum Elementary School! These families are in desperate need for food to feed their kids over the weekend! Without the much needed healthy snacks and basic necessities these kids would go hungry until they come back to school on Monday. We don’t want any kid to have to wonder where their next meal will come from. We kindly ask you to help us feed these kids. 

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Our Savior Kid’s Praise

Our Savior Kid’s Praise is an exciting ministry opportunity available to our children, who are Pre-K through 4th grade! We are committed to exposing your child to the Gospel through music, and helping him/her grow in expressing their worship through their voices. We want your child your children to have the opportunity to serve the Lord through singing and learn to lead others to do the same. They will also grow in their knowledge of vocal production and sight reading as they explore both the beauty and power God has designed music to communicate. Contact Pastor Erik for more information today!

DIGG Children’s Sunday Bible Study

Whole Bible. Whole family. Whole truth.


This year in our DIGG (Delighting in God’s Grace) Children’s Sunday Bible Study we will be moving through the Enduring Faith curriculum from Concordia Publishing House to bring all families together around God’s Word. Our great hope is that this hour will set the stage for a deeper study of God’s word for you to pursue at home with your kids. Join us from 9:30AM-10:30AM every week, and remember to invite your friends and neighbors!