Ministry of Room in the Inn

At Our Savior

Room in the Inn is a ministry network of nearly 200 nashville congregations from a wide variety of traditions and over 7,000 volunteers who shelter almost 1,500 men and women from November 1 through March 31 each season. find out more about Room in the Inn here.
Each Friday evening between November 1 and March 31 Our Savior shelters 10 men. Volunteers share God’s love and the Gospel has they serve these men. During their stay with us the men are provided a freshly prepared dinner and breakfast and a warm, dry place to sleep. They have the opportunity to shower and shave, have items of clothing washed, and select additional needed pieces of clothing.


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Each Friday requires a team of committed volunteers – 2 men to stay over night with our guests, 2 or more to prepare and serve a hearty dinner and 2 or more to prepare and serve a good breakfast. The dinners and breakfasts are a great way for families and small groups to serve together. If you would like to volunteer visit the signup page here
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