Tanzania Trip

A group of nine, at this point in time, from the Mid-South District will be leaving for Tanzania on June 10, 2021 for a two week mission outreach. We will be working in an area in the Southern portion of the Southeast of Lake Victoria Diocese of the Lutheran Church of Tanzania.

Here is a precious memory to share from our last trip to Tanzania in 2019:

“The long term purpose of our trip is to assist in church planting. When land is purchased for the church the members get together and clear the land, make the bricks and do all the labor except for the roof. Men, women and children literally build the church with their hands. What a labor of love. Donations from Prince of Peace in White House bought the land for them. It starts with bush evangelism and ends with a thriving church in the area.” ( October 14, 2019, Susan Allen )

What an inspiration to receive a picture of the church building in Welezo! The mission team visited this area last year in May 2019 to work with Pastor Geoffrey Tenga on outreach.

Donations from members of Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in White House TN purchased the land for this building. The members have worked hard to build the building and are proud of their new home, which is also named Prince of Peace. On this mission trip, 423 people were baptized. Congratulations to the congregation and Pastor Tenga.

Plans are being made for an upcoming mission trip this June and members of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Nashville, are invited to join. If you are interested, would like to support, or need more information, please check out Partners in Ministry, Tanzania Mission Trip 2021 on Church Center at contact Bob Allen at rjallen@prodigy.net.