Who are the Lutheran Lions? The Lutheran Lions are Our Savior’s Junior and Senior High Youth Groups, ranging from 5th graders through High Schoolers. We are Christ centered groups who exist to reach out to all families of the Greater Nashville area. These groups are safe havens focused on sharing God’s love through Fellowship, Bible Studies, Community Outreach, and so much more!!! Whether you are a first time visitor or are already a member at OSLC we are eager to walk with you as you live out your life of faith!



Junior High
5th – 8th



High School
9th – 12th




We highly encourage all parents who desire to have a courageous faith to dive into the material on the RANSOMED HEART website! There are small group studies, podcasts, blogs, and much more for both men and women included on this site!

And we also encourage all of our Youth who have a desire to grow in faith… in strength… in boldness… and in compassion… while standing firmly upon the words of God to become well acquainted with the material that is found on the RANSOMED HEART and AND SONS MAGAZINE websites!

Under the “Captivating Women” section on the RANSOMED HEART website you will find great information for helping foster your faith as a young women in God’s family, and the AND SONS MAGAZINE is a immense treasure trove of strong Bible studies, movies, and short films for young men of faith and character! Our deepest desire is that you would read, listen, and watch as God’s word is courageously brought to life through stories that will uplift and encourage you to live a life that is transformed by God’s grace and mercy!


Take a look at the RANSOMED HEART and the AND SONS MAGAZINE websites here:

RANSOMED HEART                          AND SONS MAGAZINE